Marvel Car Wash was founded on the principles of community commitment, exceptional quality/service coupled with environmental awareness. Our commitment to the communities we serve is embodied in the fund raising programs and direct charitable contributions we provide. Our foundation is established on providing our customers with the best quality and experience. Investing in the latest technology and water filtration process was at the forefront of our design process, to ensure this commitment.


Marvel Car Wash’s standards are on the leading edge of the latest technology as all Marvel Car Wash’s are equipped with the most advanced, state of the art car washing equipment and technology available. We use biodegradable solutions and soaps, gentle soft cloth, touch-less air dryers, and energy-efficient computer-controlled equipment. To ensure a Marvelous experience we provide complimentary express vacuums for all customer access.


We have also gone one step further at Marvel Car Wash by adding two of the evolution self serve dog washes. We are a “One Stop Shop“ for cars and dogs. Our dog wash is the most technologically innovative self-serve dog wash available on the market.


Marvel Car Wash, raising the standards for fast and friendly service to the communities we serve, one wash at a time.


At Marvel Carwash, we take pride in our product and services, but also our processes. We are committed as part of our environmental consciousness, to save water not only for our community, but for the planet.

As part of that commitment, we use PurWater Succession Self Purging™ Filtration Technology, which is a totally physical process that recycles our wash water into certified 5 micron water.